Hi, I'm Dustin LeBlanc

I'm a web developer with over a decade of experience working with Drupal, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, NodeJS, Docker, VueJS, and more.

I write and speak about web development, ADHD, and business.


By dustin, 14 December, 2022

I just shared this quick anecdote in a Slack group I am part of, and I realized its actually kind of important to who I am as a programmer. I might expand this into a full post at some point, but it was too long to post to Mastodon or Twitter, so dang it, here it goes on me blog!

What I love about PHP is it forces almost nothing, but allows almost everything.


By dustin, 1 December, 2022

I often get hung up on doing activities because I can't determine the exact "right" way to accomplish them. If I can't do them perfectly, I often just don't bother. I also often start projects I don't finish because I don't deem them 'good enough' to share with anyone. What I am often forgetting, is that getting praise and adoration from my peers isn't the only reason to do something, sometimes, its just good to do stuff for the sake of doing it, and seeing what happens.