Hi, I'm Dustin LeBlanc

I'm a web developer with over a decade of experience working with Drupal, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, NodeJS, Docker, VueJS, and more.

I write and speak about web development, ADHD, and business.


By dustin, 18 January, 2023

Decide, move, do something. We have to figure out how to solve this problem. There has to be a way to make this work, we have to deliver on what was asked.

Except, we don't always have to do that.

Far too often we forget what might be the best option at the current moment, and that is simply to do nothing.


By dustin, 11 January, 2023

Couple of weeks into full Quest 2 ownership, I was not expecting to like doing VR stuff quite this much. I have been into sim racing (mostly Dirt Rally) for a few years now and wanted to take that experience to the next level, but honestly, I am spending more and more time using the other experiences. It is surprisingly fun, despite the draw backs of the hardware. I’ve been getting stuck staying up late doing weird crap like pretending to be a motorsport mechanic in the game Wrench, changing people’s oil, coolant, transmission fluid and tires.

By dustin, 20 December, 2022

I've recently started learning C# and Unity in my spare time to learn the basics necessary to create VR applications. I was initially intimidated by the idea of learning C# because I always assumed C derivative languages, especially statically compiled languages, that are often used for desktop application development would be incredibly hard for me to pick up. After all, they'd be so different from what I was used to.