Confession: I Am Addicted to Fiddling With Tech

By dustin, 31 January, 2023

A few days ago, despite recently extolling the virtues of my return to Drupal and my related desire to stop screwing around with 'experimental' tech, and just use the things I know, I started fiddling with replacing this website's front-end with a decoupled NextJS site.

Now, we can stifle the groan, I must be growing, because I don't think I wasted even an hour on the exercise, I feel like I might be learning and developing a smidge here. Also, really folks, it wasn't so bad, the site would have still been Drupal, just decoupled Drupal! Ignore the fact that I have several years of production VueJS experience and almost no ReactJS experience! Ignore the fact that the last decoupled Drupal project I worked on was likely the most exhausting and traumatizing of my career. Pantheon is tinkering in this area and my curiosity started to get the better of me.

I was lulled by the siren song of TailwindUI's latest template as a good way to get a Tailwind-based design on my site (so that I can customize it a bit easier), which they provide as a convenient NextJS project to download.

I beat the desire this time, I left good enough alone and turned my attention back to where I want it right now, on writing, on developing a practice of regular self-publishing.

Somewhere along the way, I lost my nerve to work in public, to do things wrong, and to be humble. I've been using my relative skill for tech as a hiding place to avoid taking real, personal, risks (not personal financial risk, but I mean risk to my ego, to how I see myself).

Here's to hopefully continuing to publish regularly, and to continue to avoid the siren song of diving deep into 'awesome tech' stuff as a means to avoid just publishing stuff to the web.