By dustin, 14 December, 2022

I just shared this quick anecdote in a Slack group I am part of, and I realized its actually kind of important to who I am as a programmer. I might expand this into a full post at some point, but it was too long to post to Mastodon or Twitter, so dang it, here it goes on me blog!

What I love about PHP is it forces almost nothing, but allows almost everything.

Its been a really good language to ‘progress’ in over the last 10 years. I started with Ruby, and that influenced how I PHP, I was dragged into JS kicking and screaming. I did PHP because it was needed to do work. I felt the pain of sloppier code, I slowly learned about more structured code, and now I am so used to it that type hints, return declarations, etc make my job easier to reason about rather than harder. IMO, its really the perfect way to move into types, gradually over time, as you learn what they’ll do for you and you can appreciate them.